HelloCastello – ​luxury camper

Lifestyle. Luxury. Freedom. Your customised camper for an unforgettable journey.

Our campers are tailored to your needs. Security, comfort and design are our highest priority. Our custom modules for a high-quality, secure fit-out let you live out your fantasy with the luxury camper van of your dreams. Simply enquire, arrange a consultation and get started with your fit-out. Your unique camping bus with a skylight, spacious interior and high-quality HelloCastello kit awaits.

Individuality for the most discerning adventurers.

CASTELLO stands for individuality, security, luxury and freedom. Freedom is a valuable commodity that CASTELLO Campers have earned throughout their life. Those who take advantage of their freedom to enjoy the nature of our planet can soak up the beauty of the moment and lead a luxurious life. Enjoyment is reserved for those that are open to our world!

Made in Austria

Noticeable quality.


Visiting from North America?

North America

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